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William H. Kibble


Section H, Lot 101, Space #9


William Kibble began his career in the performing arts as a bareback rider in the Leon Washburn circus.  In 1880 a road company organized to perform the play ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ and William was to be the manager.  Kibble later bought out the show and moved to Mount Clemens in the 1890’s.  While performances were in the Midwest, the play’s home was in Mount Clemens.  Kibble used live ponies and dogs in his chase scenes.  Treats were used when training the animals and dogs refused to eat them unless they were broken into small biscuits.  The plant workers began to call for the biscuits to be “kibbled” when a large order came in by request of Mr. Kibble.  Local legend says that the term “kibble” as used in the dog food brand “Kibbles n’ Bits” began with William Kibble and his orders for broken biscuits.

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