Linden Meadow

Before you arrive at our new green burial section Linden Meadow, you will drive through what is considered ‘Macomb County’s oldest operating cemetery.’ We are the historical, horticultural, architectural, and sculptural gem of Macomb County. Our magnificent collection of trees, shrubs, flowers and plants make for an exceptional green space in an urban area.

Our new section Linden Meadow, is dedicated to offering a green burial ‘hybrid’ option. At the front of this section a row of Linden trees at the street invite you to the section, in the back it is bordered by a berm of trees of a variety of species.

Linden Meadow has been certified by the Green Burial Council as a ‘hybrid burial cemetery section.’ This offers an option that is ecologically conscious to minimize long-term environmental impacts.

Practices are adopted to ensure ecological aims using non-toxic, biodegradable burial containers, such containers are constructed of plant based material or burial shrouds. Burial vaults are not used and embalming either does not take place or takes place with using nontoxic and nonhazardous plant based options. No chemicals are used in weed prevention in Linden Meadow.

Only granite flush markers uniform in size are used in part of Linden Meadow. The other part of the section offers the option to have a memorial engraving limited to name and years of life on a double-sided monument near the area.

Planting of flowers, shrubs and the like are prohibited in Linden Meadow.

Opened on Earth Day, April 22, 2017, Linden Meadow will offer the only certified green burial option available in Macomb County. For a list of funeral homes certified by the Green Burial Council, see their website for a list of providers:

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